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Mama lives in Otrobanda!

As the artist herself moved to the old city, the part where since history there was always creative movement and progression, so did one of her Mama's.

This Mama (Zulaika) was first at restaurant Ginger in Pietermaai. Then she moved to gallery Landhuis Bloemhof for one of Hortence's exhibitions. Not far from there the Mama had coffee at Café Number Ten, the neighbors. And for the Mama to be close to her maker, she moved to Otrobanda. This is made possible by Caribbean Cargo Services.

On this picture you see the Mama sitting on a hill not far from the Colorful Stairs made by artist Avantia Damberg. The top-directors of the Maduro & Curiel's Bank are standing on the stairs as the Mama checks them out.

As soon as the lockdown is over Zulaika will get a new dress!

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